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New beginnings: Caterpillar to Butterfly

Just when the caterpillar felt it is the end of the world, it becomes a butterfly. I seriously wish to write, but I seriously have to make plan regarding den which will be closing on 31st. So much is happening how am I supposed to do everything. After a long time, I am feeling better […]

Tabletop board games: Den diaries

For years now, I have wondered how come when we were young we never needed alcohol or any other intoxication while spending time with friends. It feels that the life was better when technology was still in its baby stages. Personally, I want to live in a world where health is given a lot of […]

Being Careless/careful V/S just caring

As I move to the final stages of my learning journey, the time has come when I can’t really afford to repeat my mistakes and not really learn from them. While my lack of capacity of doing proper research is one problem, my capacity of not really working with a plan is another. However, today […]

Den diaries: Getting better

Should I keep only one of my signature burger or should I focus on giving multiple options considering that is what people want. Should I make barbeque dishes on one day and wood fire oven related dishes on other day or should I make all the things together everday. what kind of sitting should I […]

Den stories: Decisions and finance story

Dated: october 2019 The fear is real and so is reality. Then there are other things such as getting reality check, excitement, anxiety, been grown as well a kid at the same time, looking to do something never seen before and not being able to find it, suddenly finding it and yet again not finding […]

Jaipur Rugs: From nothing to ready

Dated: July 2019 If I have to describe my journey in Jaipur Rugs in one word I will say ‘thapede’. That is a hindi slang for getting slapped multiple times, in my case all over my face. That was the time I used to live in a fantasy land. I also think I am the […]

A dive in deep waters: My first corporate job

A week has passed since I started working at Jaipur Rugs, an elite handmade carpet export house based in Jaipur. From the first glance, I found the work here pretty exciting. Jaipur Rugs has more than 250 employees in its headquarters, which happens to be my work location. With departments ranging from Marketing, Human Resources, […]

Bodhi Greens: Era of maturity

My brain is a pretty interesting place. There are times when I consider myself a kid and then there are times when I consider myself a grownup. Really frustrating are the times when I think like a grown-up but no one takes me seriously. However, what took me off-balance was once when I was considering […]