FoodwalksJaipur- By Hungryhitchhiker

What is FoodwalksJaipur?

We are a bunch of Hungry kids trying to explore our city on foot while discovering its most essential values with food as the medium. Culture, Arts and People are the things that excite us to make us wonder how cities have worked through time and what influences in the past affect us in our present. This hunger has led us to share this with other curious people, friends, travellers, and more who enjoy understanding the behind-the-scenes of a city and exploring the City as a Museum.

Why us?

 Our walks are specially curated to particular professions that have affected the city throughout its life. We call these professions – Lenses. These Lenses then, tend to give you a deep outlook of the city merging through time and events that influenced them till the present. 

How different regimes affected the architecture of the city, how the new influx of people influenced the food culture of the city and more.

Supporting the Locals

We believe that only through strengthening the Local connections with the city’s vendors and building a community around them and their practices, we can help them to prosper and eventually make the city a better place to live in. Through our fair trade and no commission policies, we have been able to make some really happy vendors a part of our organization. And their happy faces make us feel good about our work.


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Food in a restaurant sounds so clichéd when you can walk across town, explore its beauty and taste some of the best local food while getting to understand the actual cultural influences the city has seen! Be it a cup of Chai, a plate of evening snacks or a fully-fledged lunch, this walk will surely make your taste buds excited. It will be salty and sour, spicy and sweet, hot and cold and everything in between. 

Common Details – 

Highlights of the walk

  • 8-10 different food items from the oldest and hidden food jewels popular among the locals living inside the wall city.
  • All that you can eat and drink
  • Choice of vegan, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food and some other customizations.
  • Some beautiful but less known spots and attractions of Jaipur included in each walk


  • Pickup and drop
  • Alcoholic drinks.

Time: Duration of walk ranges from 2-4hr depending on the walk you have chosen and as per your customization. Some variation in time may occur due to traffic and other such unforeseeable factors.

Please send an email at or connect us at +918402059143 . We’ll be happy to be of any service.

Disclaimer: We try our best to make sure that the food is as safe as it can be. However, we are not responsible for any injury or sickness which may or may not be caused by any food item or activity during the walk.

Few safety precautions that are taken by us:
* No uncooked food is provided on the walk unless we ourselves feel comfortable making you try something from any particular place.
* That’s it… there will always be a risk, but the experience is going to make you say that it is worth taking the risk.

Breakfast Trail Highlights- 

Certainly, the busiest of all the places in Jaipur, the Pink City, on the contrary, is quite peaceful in the morning. Move about the bylanes of the city as the historical building speak their own language in the quiet environment.

The beauty of the walk rests with the freshly prepared dishes such as Aloo Puri which is a fluffed deep-fried round bread given with potato curry; Dal Pakwaan; pulses mixed in a batter and deep-fried to make the popular delicacy of pakora; Kachori- with numerous varieties of stuffing ranging from savoury to sweet is a dish that according to some people have originated from Rajasthan itself, For the nonvegetarian, an overnight dish of Nahari made from mutton is served along with many traditional dishes.

Tea made over charcoal or while siting on the roof of a secret spot, Dhokla or Kanji wada, to savour the sweet tooth of the guests preparation ranging from Jalebi to dishes made from milk and milk solids have such as kalakand- a milk cake along and quite a few options to chose from.

Besides this, the walk also promises you many other dishes. So be prepared to be surprised as we walk the hidden spots located in the very interior of the city.

Brunch Trail Highlights – 

Enjoy the city while observing the gradual opening of shops adding more colors to the beautiful color of Pink, the city is known for. It is also the time of the day when the locals tend to come for shopping for their various needs.

Delicacies that will be offered range from Proper chaats such as Dahi Bade; Aloo Tikki- an Indian version of mashed potatoes patty; deep-fried snacks of Kachori and Samosa. Enjoy a traditionally hidden jewel of Aloo pyaaz tikkad which is a gravy dish of potato onions made in freshly ground spices and served with bread made from the combination of different millets. Non-Veg lovers get to taste Butter Chicken and Nahari a mutton gravy dish served with khameeri and Rumali roti. For dessert enjoy Rajasthani Ghevar and end your tour with an Indian sundae of Kulfi faluda.

Besides this, the walk also promises you many other dishes. So be prepared to be surprised as we walk the hidden spots located in the very interior of the city.

Dinner Trail Highlights – 

A trail which besides the pink city takes you to one of the most important roads of modern Jaipur has everything you can eat in one go thus giving a flavour of both the old and modern beauty of the city separated by just one wall. 

Some popular delicacies you would get to eat on this trail include various snacks such as Indian stuffed triangular-shaped deep-fried dumpling of Samosa & Kachori; pickle tasting at a 180year old shop; lip smacking chaats. For Nonveg enjoy tasting Laal Maas a red meat dish located in a garage making you surprised in a way you will never forget for sure. Special Daal baati churma the most popular dish of Rajasthan is the star dish of the tour.

Besides this, the walk also promises you many other dishes. So be prepared to be surprised as we walk the hidden spots located in the very interior of the city.

About Vinayak Agrawal, Initiator of FoodwalksJaipur

A food explorer by heart, Vinayak aka Hungryhitchhiker has been travelling and exploring the food of India since 2016. His keen interest in using locally produced sustainable food is what keeps him going every day. Among his various expeditions is his cycling trip across Rajasthan covering 2500 km in 51 days in order to understand and explore the food cultures of different regions of this diverse state. Based on his years of exploration in Feb 2020 he opened ‘Den: A sustainable cafe’ to implement his numerous learnings. Soon he is coming up with his Second foodspace to explore the local ingredients and millet in a deeper way.

He has extensively explored his own city, Jaipur, for amazing local indigenous food and uncovered great insights into the city’s street food. His stories on the food, its history, and the food joints of Jaipur are a delight to anyone and everyone who wishes to enjoy the local flavours in their travels. Combining it with his personal stories makes his food walks unique and a joy to be on!
You can find more about him on his Instagram/Facebook handle – ‘HungryHitchhiker’