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Being Careless/careful V/S just caring

As I move to the final stages of my learning journey, the time has come when I can’t really afford to repeat my mistakes and not really learn from them. While my lack of capacity of doing proper research is one problem, my capacity of not really working with a plan is another. However, today I want to talk about me being careless. 

For people who know me, know-how careless I can me. there have been multiple instance when there is something that I know how to do, but because of my careless attitude end up creating a below potential wonder. Offcourse, it makes me underconfident about a dish I am creating and me not able to achieve the potential that I have. I have been nagging myself about how I am not careful enough about things. There have been multiple instances when I have been telling myself that I need to be careful. I cannot really afford to be careless. 

Yesterday, Uditima made me point out to a simple point about how it is not about being careful… it is just about being caring. If you really care, then things will keep on happening. We should not really be worried a lot about these things. Just care… so simple. Isn’t it

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