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New beginnings: Caterpillar to Butterfly

Just when the caterpillar felt it is the end of the world, it becomes a butterfly.

I seriously wish to write, but I seriously have to make plan regarding den which will be closing on 31st. So much is happening how am I supposed to do everything. After a long time, I am feeling better health wise. I think I just need to focus on my strengths right now and take one thing at a time.

Biggest challenge that is coming my way is definitely future plans because I don’t really want to make concrete plans. However, I am also responsible for taking out salary of Shankar along with setting sneha and Jyoti aunty at the new place.

You know I have decided that I will let go of Jyoti aunty and Sneha for I cannot take responsibility of salaries for so many people. I can see behaviour change in Sneha and I feel she is pretty upset with me because of it. I think even I didn’t handle the situation properly. But today my mental health is much better. So let me figure out ways to sort my relationship with Sneha.

P.s. I just called Sneha after writing the above paragraph and after the call I think we will be fine. But for sure I need to be there in her life as an elder brother and make sure her journey goes good. Also I need to make sure her salaries continued to be paid and to be on time.

Coming back to my thoughts, I seriously don’t know how our butterfly self will be once we go inside the shell to transform from being a caterpillar. I think there will be a lot of pop ups of den. Idea of once a month den also sounds good to me. I do want to have a physical space for sure again. But for now I am happy being free. Focus of August will definitely be to make sure salary of Shankar is not being paid from our pocket and some work or the other keep on happening.

I also need to launch denwasi card. It will be some next level privilege card. Just our way of saying thank you to our denwasi. How do you know you are a denwasi? Just check your heart and you will get the answer. But more on it in future.

I think that is it. I am hoping to have a lot of people who will be interested in coming to den in the coming days. Lets see how that goes. Thanks for hearing me out I feel sane again :).

2 thoughts on “New beginnings: Caterpillar to Butterfly”
  1. Simran says:

    Have you ever seen a butterfly not compliment on how gorgeous it is,
    Trust the timing, you’ve got your crazy ideas, concrete talent, a bunch of people to make you feel sane everytime your thoughts go on a roller coaster ride!
    And den, well it is a feeling, it is home, it is always gonna b here in some or the other form!

    Good luck 🤞
    And love you bhaiya ji….
    Aap to kill hi kar diye XD

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