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Den diaries: Getting better

Should I keep only one of my signature burger or should I focus on giving multiple options considering that is what people want. Should I make barbeque dishes on one day and wood fire oven related dishes on other day or should I make all the things together everday. what kind of sitting should I keep. What will be the perfect chair for that. Should I get dari or bamboo chatai. where should I get mud for plantation. What kind of plants should I keep. My license process has still not come through… My rent agreement has still not come through. How many workers should I keep. My mud oven is not working properly. How to promote my foodspace. i hope I won’t have to miss my Yoga because of Cafe. people will like the place? What kind of games should I keep. What are the other elements I should have in the cafe. What trial of food should I do today. What trial of food should I do tomorrow. Then to get things done, coordinate with people, explore various shops, finalize things, get them to den etc is another struggle in itself. 

That is how a day for me feels like. it is this way since months now. it has started to become a new normal for me. Although I am really loving this new normal. It makes me feels like settling down and I have stopped putting efforts randomly and focusing on things i wish to do in life.

My friend recently helped me notice that it is now that I have finally become ready for running the cafe and thus cafe will start soon as well. Take example of today, I met Vijay uncle to finalise the design for the tables and chairs for the cafe today, met Supriya and kind of got the picture in our eyes over kind of flooring we wish to set in the outer area, talked to few people regarding promotion for my food walk, explored few Indian games that I can keep in my cafe, met someone for food license, discussed menu ideas with Supriya, coordinated with Saksham regarding marketing activities and most importantly successfully tried falafel patty with the other Vijay. Now I am even writing a blog and we should also consider the point that I also had yoga today in the morning. I always thought if I cannot do so many things in one go, I cannot really expect to run a cafe that will require tones of other things from me to do in a day. So yay! I am getting better. Most importantly I need to have more of such days. That should be a focus now.

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