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Tabletop board games: Den diaries

For years now, I have wondered how come when we were young we never needed alcohol or any other intoxication while spending time with friends. It feels that the life was better when technology was still in its baby stages.

Personally, I want to live in a world where health is given a lot of importance and for Den as a community oriented organisation, working on lifestyle is becoming an exciting responsibility.

While Puneet, our game master at tabletop was seeking a group to just play his games with, for me the games are the answer to a step towards a more desired lifestyle. I think my perspective also got stronger after I saw the gaming culture of Germany during my recent trip out there.

I enjoy people sitting and applying my brain while playing games. The skills of strategies and negotiation I have learnt in catan and monopoly have been used by me to create strategies to take den forward. Chess have brought me closer to thinking two steps before in life while carrom gives me joy of having amazing hand eye coordination. Mostly it is fun. Although sometimes it too can get borderline addictive like anything else in life. My yoga teacher always says that life is about creating balance. I guess we too are seeking that balance at tabletop and at Den.

But I am glad where we are standing right now. Today we are already organising catan tournament, planning games retreat and offcourse den might soon have a chess club of its own. Good things take time but then it is about journey and not destination. Right?


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