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Life in Bir: Wood-fire oven and a lot more

We all wait for that perfect thing to happen, while it never does, making us doubt our very own self. But then when you least expect, it happens. Having been hearing this saying since childhood without really believing, it was a huge surprise when something like this happened to me. It happened when I got […]

Passionate world: Swaraj University and LSUC

I often wonder who I really am. Am I an engineer, an entrepreneur, a food explorer, a wannabe chef, an artist. Maybe I am none of the above, or maybe I am all of the above. Sometimes I also wonder that these are just tags, we as humans are way more complex creature to even […]

Vanvadi: A lot changed inside me

Vanvadi: Where a lot of things changed inside me There is something ethereal about living with the nature, it engulfs you into its glory and you see this world in a whole new light. I entered Vanvadi, a beautiful community space which resembled an original forest at the foothills of Sahiyadris in Neral District of […]


Dated: OCTOBER 25, 2016 ‘A small step is all it takes for big wonders’ Through my life I have let myself believe that I am not a creative person and my brain works in very straight line. Ever since joining Ahimsagram my perspective about various things has been changing. Reasons such as the mechanical learning which […]

First Gardening: Ahimsagram diaries

We live in a corporate world where the ever shrinking concrete walls give us the image that we are  ‘protected’ from the outside world, making sure not to come in contact with even small amount of ‘dirt’. Defying this newly constructed culture I would love to get my clothes dirty, I wish to have the […]

Ahimsagram: Secret world in my own backyard

Ahimsagram is a place that introduced me to an alternate world. A world governed by passion, joy, sense of community, care for environment and a step towards spirituality. Below are the three articles I wrote during my initial days at Ahimsagram. It is the place that has molded me into what I am today. I […]

Hungrywalks: Baby steps in my Hometown

The article that I am about to share is inspired by the blog I wrote in the past about my second job. To overcome my initial setback, i.e. of happy panda backpacker hostel in Goa. Date: 8th August 2016 ‘After facing an intense panic attack, I had to put a great deal of power to […]