Malai Kofta Taco

You know, I am always thinking about what to do and how to do something. But the real pleasure I get often is by just making anything from anything available. Of course, my other love is making pizza. However, I still am learning what is it I enjoy doing in general.

This dish came out of my rebellious self of how we perceive a particular dish and how to bring changes to it. Also, it is so much fun to live in a farm and experience it.

Just so you know it is not full fledged recipes that I work over but rather giving an Idea with which you can move forward in general. because don’t forget, make anything from anything 🙂

Recipe idea


  • Soak moong for some time and then boil it with salt in a pressure cooker, drain the water and finally grind the moong to make a paste out of it
  • Take pumpkin, peel it(no need to peel if using organic like me), chop in smaller pieces, boil in an open container for maybe 10 minutes, and finally, bring grind it too.
  • Ideally the quantity of moong paste and pumpkin paste should be equal
  • Now take a pan and put oil in it(I used cold press mustard oil)…. Please… please… please don’t be stupid and use soyabean oil… Through it away from your kitchen…
  • Once oil is heated add rai and kadi patta followed by green chilli and turmeric
  • Now add lentil paste and pumpkin paste
  • It will be followed by few spices such as Lemon, salt, black pepper, sugar. You can also think about adding kasuri methi at the end


  • take root veggies(I have potato and sweet potatoes, chop them and boil them
  • Once done, remove the water, put your root veggies in a pan and I also added chopped beetroot and fresh corriender to it
  • Now add little flour to absorb extra water and to bind it together. also add salt pepper
  • shape it in patty form and shallow-fry(/air-fry/whatever) it over a tawa

Final assembling

  • Now cut the salad that you have. I had found onions, kakdi, spring onions
  • Take a roti(or a wrap) add the patty in it, some gravy and the chopped veggies.
  • We also added a tangy chutney that we had with us from earlier.

All the best. hope you enjoy it.

Here is a quick summary video for you to check out the whole process in a quick way.

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