Gluten free pizza

There is an interesting story about this healthy millet Pizza. Once during my stay at Ahimsagram, we found out that our landlord’s(Tunmun) daughter was on the bed since last few months because of an injury. She was advised to only eat healthily. Considering Tunmun didn’t know many interesting recipes was serving her rather uninteresting cuisines.

When we got to know about it, we offered Tunmun to cook something for her daughter. It was there that Shammi taught me how to make this Pizza.

Personally saying, I am definitely starting to enjoy living a guiltfree life regarding what I am putting in my mouth.

Recipe for the Millet Pizza.

  • Take sorghum(Jowar) flour and add hot boiling water in it. Make a dough using it.  
  • For pizza puree, take any cold press oil(I used mustard oil) in a pan and heat it, now add chilli flakes along with chopped garlic in it. Add onion and tomatoes next. Saute them for some time and once done grind it using a hand blender to form a smooth paste.
  • Now apply one of any traditional Indian technique of making a Millet(such as Bajra, Jowar etc) roti and put it on the roti pan. Cook it approx 80-90%.    
  • Now use this roti as the base of the pizza and add our freshly made tomato puree paste over it.
  • Apply cheese(I used cashew paste as I am trying to eat plant-based food right now). Add toppings of your choice on the top and bake it in the oven(I wish I could bake it in woodfire oven). Whatever be the case don’t bake it in Microwave. Unless you want cancer :P.

Keep it simple. chill!

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